Opening Reception Tonight! : July 12, 5:30-8:30-ish PM

“The iPhone is the snapshot camera of today…it is a pencil, a pen, a notebook. It is so accessible.” – Annie Leibovitz

I am a part of an exciting summer project! One of my images was selected for the [Ways of Seeing: Phoneograpy] exhibit at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery at 502 King Street in downtown Charleston.

For those of you who can’t make it to Charleston to see the show, many of these images are on the gallery’s website here.

“Photography is arguably the most democratic medium of the visual arts. Easily transportable in a pocket, smartphones have pushed the medium into new directions as millions-both pros and amateurs-have the capability to record an image with immediacy and intuition. Further, that image can circulate widely and immediately through social media outlets. Ways of Seeing: Phoneography explores the possibilities of smart phone photography, its future as a fine art form, and affects on modern society.”