Well, this is completely unrelated to weddings but as long as I am taking some time to blog today I will update with this latest news.  Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, SC is printing several of my photographs to hang on their walls – in the gentlemen’s restroom to be exact –  so I guess I will never get to see them.  For all you guys out there – keep an eye out for me!

I worked on a wonderful ‘Farm – to – Table’ story for the Charleston City Paper with writer Alison Sher which can be found here.  As she says, “Let’s get one thing straight. There are many different quality grades when it comes to beef — and less than 1.5 percent earns the label Certified Angus Beef brand Prime. So when Steve Palmer, managing partner of the Indigo Road group, which owns Oak and O-Ku, asks us to go on a road trip to visit where these kind of cows are raised, we say yes. Right away.”  It was a pretty long, cramped road trip to Yon Family Farms in Ridge Spring, SC but I got to see with my own eyes what (and who and where) it takes to bring a delicious meal to the table at Oak – a meal that I learned you can feel good about eating.

Jeremiah Bacon is committed to sourcing food locally and joined Charleston’s Oak Steakhouse as executive chef and partner in November 2010.  “We source our food from people who treat it with respect,” Bacon says in Alison’s story, about all his ingredients — from the CAB brand Prime to the Mepkin Abbey oyster mushrooms in his risotto. “What you’re eating has been touched by a lot of hands. There are a lot of moving parts, and I’m the last link in the chain. In the deepest level of my execution, I want you to taste that.”

Oak is touted as “one of the best and most distinctive steakhouses in America,” presenting classic steakhouse cuisine as well as locally sourced seafood and produce in an impeccable setting.  I am really looking forward to trying it!  Visit their website here.