Marissa married Robert and I am finally allowed to post some of her bridal portraits!  I’m so excited to show this gorgeous bride to the world!  RiverOaks provided incredible backdrops for our shoot.  It was by chance that I met Marianne Caldwell, who owns this beautiful four acre waterfront location anchored on the banks of the Wando River – or perhaps it was divine intervention.  We were side-by-side in the Apple Store getting our computers fixed. She overheard my desperate plea for a quick repair, as I had millions of wedding photos that needed editing!  Little did I know, the perfect ears heard my plea. She politely mentioned that she had a wedding venue and generously offered for me to come check it out and shoot sometime.  I was excited about the encounter and to learn of a new venue.  That night, I took a quick look at her website and stored her information in my memory bank.  Time passed, as time so quickly does, and it took me meeting her a second time to really take note.  This time around, she was a guest at a wedding I was photographing.  I did not ignore this second encounter and took it as a big old sign that I really was supposed to go check out her venue.  Marissa and I had plans to have her bridal session at an entirely different location.  I live in Charleston but was in NYC for a corporate shoot when I thought about trying out RiverOaks for Marissa’s bridals.  Of course, this was the day before our session. On my flight back to Charleston, I emailed Marianne from the plane, thinking surely that my idea was not going to work…too last-minute.   When I landed, I opened my phone back up and was shocked to see a message from Marianne saying she would leave the door unlocked with instructions on where to change!  Then I REALLY couldn’t believe it when I drove up and saw the venue.  Wow. It surpassed my expectations and I quickly realized the incredible humbleness of Marianne.  RiverOaks is spectacular.  I am very thankful that Marissa was up for the switch and that Marianne trusted her venue with me.  This was the perfect location for Marissa and I feel like it brought out her special glow within.  Life sure is wonderful when meeting someone in the Apple store turns into a wonderful shoot at a uniquely beautiful venue with a stunningly beautiful bride, followed by a scrumptious dinner shared with new friends.  Now, keep an eye out for Marissa and Robert’s wedding!  Soon to come on the blog!