With a small window of calm before a busy season, I am finally getting the opportunity to blog some favorite photos from a shoot with my sister, Anna, her daughter, Ella (11 months), and son, Leo (5), from June.  They live in Portland, Oregon so when they visit Charleston we make sure to get plenty of shots to tide us over until we see each other again.  This was my second chance to photograph baby Ella, the first being her newborn photos in Oregon.  I love these shots, not only because they capture tiny glimpses of her personality, which I am starting to know and which is developing quickly, but also because  they capture a precious moment in time, a moment just before she learned how to use her little, strong legs.  Such a vulnerable time . . . so completely dependent on mommy, daddy and brother Leo.  Already, 7 months later, she is a walking (running), talking bundle of joy who will never go back to this stage in life.  In her life story, she has flipped the page to a brand new chapter.  A chapter full of curiosity, learning, laughter and adventure.  I’m so glad we took the time to do this and capture this stage for her to look back on forever.  My other sister’s daughter, Adlai (5), was my assistant for the day and makes an appearance in a couple of the shots, too.  It is such a privilege for me to capture all of the members of my family and I look forward to a lifetime of documenting such beautiful subjects who are near and dear to my heart.  This time around, we had three (!) sessions so I’ll continue Part II in anther post. Enjoy!