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Eliza and Josh are dear friends of mine.  I’ve known Eliza since the sixth grade at Mason Prep, admittedly some of the best years of my life, and I’ve had the best time getting to know sweet little Bowers. . . what a precious little guy!  Eliza was always ahead in the game – the first of all of us to get married. . . the first to have a baby. . . always a brilliant overachiever with talent for anything and everything she tried.   With so much on her plate always, I never understood how she did it all!  Lucky for me, she’s brilliant at making babies, too! I must say, this session was so much fun and much easier than Bower’s first!  I was thrilled when they called me up only a few days after he was born to come over and get his first pictures for their announcements.  I wish I had some video clips of us trying to get a response, a smile, even a giggle out of him.  It was pretty tough work trying to get a few days old baby to make any expression at all, other than a cry for his mother’s milk.  I have since learned that newborns probably photograph best while peacefully sleeping. . .after a nice big, comforting meal.  Our efforts, however, were definitely worth it and we got some fabulous shots and memories to last a lifetime.  There is so much joy in this litte guy now that I hardly had to look at him and he’d crack a big smile!  I’m so excited that Eliza and Josh want bi-annual family sessions to document Bowers as he grows.  It’s going to be a fun journey!  Thanks so much, Eliza, Josh and Bowers for a wonderful afternoon and for giving me the chance to have another beautiful baby with a beautiful spirit in front of my lens!  My camera just loves him and I love you all!  

Trish and Christopher “Buzz” Baldwin from Boston had a sweet ceremony on the beach at Wild Dunes Resort to renew their vows.  I’m not sure if their little daughters knew what was going on but Presley and Harper were there to witness and congratulate their mommy and daddy when it was all said and done.  A friend performed the ceremony and a few family members were present.  This was a very intimate occasion and I was absolutely honored to be a part of it.  What a wonderful idea – to renew your vows after several years of marriage and after starting a family – so as not to forget about the love you share.  It was obvious to me that there was a tremendous amount of love between these two.  Their comfort with each other made my job easy.  It was a joy to capture their memories on their first family vacation! Congratulations you two!



Maggie and Michael Gravender from Charlotte visited the Isle of Palms to celebrate their anniversary and brought along their wonderful family.  It was such a joy to capture this happy group on the beach just outside of the beautiful house where they were staying for several days in Wild Dunes.  I’m hoping they had such a great vacation they will return again next year and let me photograph their newest addition! By now, these two kiddos should be experienced pros and ready to teach the littlest one everything he or she needs to know about a first photo shoot!  Thanks for being so wonderful to work with Gravender family!


















Jun 02, 2011
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